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              Aarons Deer November 5th, 2008





My son,Aaron got himself a nice buck this afternoon, 7 point, 190 lbs. It was a nice day to be in the woods!







 Aaron and I hiked in to a nice spot near a large meadow, and I picked out a spot to wait while Aaron went further on up the brook. It was a  warm fall day and a delightful day to be in the woods.  It had been a while since I had been to this spot, and an area I had always liked to hunt. My father and I had hunted this area years ago and as I waited, memories of hunts we had been on came flooding back. He had put me on a stand and while I was waiting for him to come back, a beautiful doe had come along. I watched the deer and soon it went across the brook. Later my father came back and asked me if I had seen the deer and I told him I had. He asked why I didn't shoot and I made a lame excuse,in later years when I was able to explain, he had understood, but at the time  he didn't and I could tell he was disappointed. 

      On our hike in to this place,we had heard a twig snap, a rustle of leaves, just the kinds of sounds you hear and the instincts of knowing things , just seems to come, and we knew a deer was close by. So, we had split up, and I took up this spot to wait while he went off in another direction to investigate. I waited and watched, a squirrel,some birds,all sorts of small critters scurrying around making their preparations in prelude to the winter as their instincts were urging them to do. Watching and waiting patiently, I preferred to stand as I knew a deer could come from any direction and it is much easier to adjust from a standing position rather than sitting. I heard a twig snap and shifted to watch were the sound came from, but no deer emerged, somehow it had gotten by...


      Some time later, Aaron came back to me from the opposite direction he had left, and he asked if I had seen or heard anything, and I related to him the direction I thought I had heard one go through. He had seen the deer, and there had been more than one, but he hadn't been able to make a clean shot and had been hoping that it would come by me, but it had passed just out of sight.  We hunted a little more then and met up and began the hike out,and he was talking about how he had seen many grouse in a certain spot as we passed through. I told him the story of the doe,,

      After lunch, we decided to go back near the same area, and I picked a stand again, just a short hike in to it and barely got settled in when I heard a shot, then two more.

     Somehow I knew it was Aaron, it was in the right area, probably just by the sounds I knew it was someone who meant business, and that would be him,, I was hoping he had been successful, and that he had gotten himself a nice buck. I was also in a very good position if anything came my way, and I waited. An hour or so passed, and I resisted the urge to head in the direction I had heard the shot, but knew that would be a violation somehow of our general rule to stick with the plan, sometimes though instinct are stronger. About the time I decided to make a move I heard something moving, I listened and then knew it was a person coming, and soon I saw my brother. When he was in hearing distance I askd who shot and he smiled and said it was Aaron, and yes, he had gotten his deer, and a nice buck. It had only gone a short distance and fell crossing an old logging road. I was able to drive almost to it with my truck and we loaded it in. Aaron was all smiles, happy he had gotten a nice one and it was great to see him relaxed, happy and excited all at the same time! Sometimes in life it feels as though things have come full circle, and this was one of those times, the boy and the Dad, the Dad and the boy, all men now. 

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