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Hey Dave! WOW, opened my mail box today, and saw a box marked fragile! Hmm, i wondered, what could that be?? Then i saw the Blackfalcon custom calls, and i let out a war whoop! Thank you so much, this call is AWESOME!! Sounds great, looks great, shes a Real SCREAMER!!  Thank you so much!!!!!

     Today I received the call in the mail.  It looks better than the photo shows.  I have played with it some and so far it plays well.  It sounds a lot like my hen wingbone but is crisper just as I was hopeful of.  Hopefully, it will make a bunch of gobblers run down my gun barrel next spring.  I would like to get a copy of that video but probably won't.
Thanks for the call,


I cannot say enough about the sounds that I can get from the call you made for me. You made me a trumpet call from walnut. only a few weeks ago. Sounds better than any other suction call that I own, wingbones and a highly recognized brand of trumpet call. Can't wait for VA season to start in early April.




Hi Dave,

 I got home late today and to my surprise the box was waiting for me. 
 Wow was I surprised to see the box from you at my door. 
 What a way to end the day!!!  I opened the box and WOW what a work of art I had
 in my hands!!!  I was reluctant to try the box with how incredible it looked. 
But ,when I tried it out WOW!!!!!!!!!!
 to my surprise the box sounds incredible.  Way better sounding than any
 other box call I have ever used.  This call is amazing it sounds so incredible.  
I have a new favorite call to take out into the woods with  me.  

Thanks again for an incredible box call!!!

Don't be surprised if I contact you for more calls for friends or family.
 I am taking both of my brothers hunting this spring as well as my father.  This call
 is sure to be the trick for the turkeys around here.


Hi Dave
I received the paddle call this afternoon! It's awesome!! ! It's been in my hands since I've opened the box :)!

Thank you



Hello Dave, I recieved the box and to say Im happy is an understatement !!! That is one sweet sounding call, I love it !!! Looking forward to a few more of your calls in the future. Thanks again my friend, Greg T


I just got back in town and the call was waiting on me. Man, she is better in person and sounds great!. You are an artist! The inlay is perfect! She sounds all Turkey!
I want to Thank You for the opportunity to get such a special call. This will not be my last!
Most Sincerely,

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