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Specialty Long Box Turkey Calls

                     The Rock Pile

        Still in a deep slumber a heard the cabin door open, which roused me and I realized it was my brother Bob. We had been hunting hard all week and I was somewhat annoyed to be woken up in such a fashion, after all this hadn't been discussed the day before, certainly I wasn't expecting him at 3:00am. "That's it!," I thought to myself, "I've had enough of this already, we're going to get you a bird this morning and put and end to it!!"

          I called Aaron, my son, and soon we were in the truck heading down the road. I had scouted an area and knew where some were roosting and decided to stop and see if they were going to be vocal or not. I pulled the truck over and got out, grabbed my owl hooter and walked down the road a ways. I stopped and listened for a few moments and then decided to try a call. At the sound of the "Who cooks for you?" a turkey cut me off with a booming gobble. "OK guys" I said, "Lets move in on him and see if we can work him!"

          Quickly gearing up we headed in, soon coming out to an old tote road I knew they liked to frequent. " Should be able to fool him into thinking I am the hen he's been waiting for to speak the words he's been waiting to hear" I thought, and began looking the spot over closely.  An old rock pile caught my eye and I could envision him coming over that just before entering the tote road, and announced to my son and brother he would surely come right there!  They quickly set up on either side of it, Aaron to the left and Bob to the right.

          I took up a position 20 or so yards behind them and began my series of calls which were immediately answered by thunderous gobbles.  Soon I heard crashing sounds which sounded like a deer coming and realized it was the Tom coming down the ridge on a dead run. Then I heard a gobble further down the ridge to my left and fearing he was getting off course, I yelped and cutt and was again cut off by a gobble directly in front right near the rock pile. "Two birds!" I thought.  I could hear now the spit and drum of a turkey and I knew he was close, and couldn't understand why no one was shooting, after all, he was right there!! In my minds eye, I was picturing him standing on the rock pile, which in fact was exactly what was happening! I decided to cluck, and as I did I heard him gobble and then a thunderous boom as Bob fired. Then I heard a lot of flapping and saw Bob running towards the bird, a nice long beard, and the hunt was over. 

 Hmm,two birds,the rest of the story happened later that morning. Aaron was still pumped from the mornings hunt, so we decided to try something else. Soon we were set up on a little knoll next to a brook. By this time the black flies were annoying us and it was getting hard to sit still. I clucked on the box call and a turkey gobbled, then another and they were close. I tried a little cutting and they gobbled again,this time even closer.Soon I could hear footsteps in the leaves and then I saw a red head,he was moving fast! I looked over at Aaron and he had his gun up, but didn't shoot. I glanced back over to the turkey, only about thirty feet away, and wondered why he wasn't shooting!

The turkey walked away, and then I saw the other one. Both turkeys started walking away,and I decided to chance it and clucked. The turkeys gobbled and turned, stopping every now and then to pick at something on the ground. Slowly they worked back up to where we were sitting until they were right in front of us again! This time, Aaron had a clear shot, and promptly dispatched the larger of the two,apparantly a tree had been blocking him from getting a shot when they first came in.  It turned out to be a pretty good day in the turkey woods!!  






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