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       I began making custom turkey calls as a hobby and out of a desire to  make my own turkey calls. I had collected calls from sporting goods stores and wanted a call that was more effective, versatile and realistic sounding. I began seeking out calls from other custom call makers and after getting to know a few of these dedicated gentlemen, decided to try making my own. 


       A box call is much like a musical instrument. The woods must be carefully selected to produce the proper tone and pitch. The sound boards vibrate as the striker is moved across them and must be tuned to produce the correct tone, and when done correctly... sounds like the wild  turkey. 

        Each call is crafted from a carefully selected block of wood, cut to the shape of the box being made on a band saw, then hewn out using a drill press and chiseled by hand. The box is then sanded and careful attention paid to the side wall thickness and taper. A striker is then cut to shape and the radius of the underside of the striker is shaped using a combination of hand planing and belt sanding, always done with the grain of the wood. The striker is then fitted and final tuning is done using a sharp knife and sanding. All checkering and inlay work has also been done by this time,and the box is then ready for finish coats of lacquer,polyurethane , or oil finish.

       I like a longbox that will Kee-Kee, Cutt, Cackle, Cluck, Purr, Yelp and Gobble, and build them accordingly. As a craftsman, I like to create the finest quality call I can produce, many hours are spent tuning each call to insure it's effectivenss for it's intended purpose, to speak the language of the wild turkey.




Custom Callmakers and Collectors Competition 2009

                   First PlaceClass II,  Best of Class VII,First place Class XIV


Perry, Georgia 2010 ,  2nd place category II long box

Update 2011

Update February 2011

Many of you who know me, know that for the past 3 years I have expanded my call making to include Trumpets and Yelpers, some Crow Calls, Predator Calls and even an occasional duck call.

I especially enjoy turning Trumpet calls and have found them to be a very effective call in the turkey woods. I recently began offering, in addition to my Standard Trumpets. a Classic Yelper for an entry price of $85. My standard Trumpets start at $125 with Buffalo Horn, so this will hopefully give hunters a chance to purchase a somewhat more affordable call. I put considerable time into all my calls to ensure you get the most call for your money as possible.

                                              Standard Trumpet

                                                                            Classic Yelper



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